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Forest Scene

Nature can mitigate climate change

Ecosystem degradation and thirst for resources are driving our forests – and the lands they stand on – to utter destruction. Unless these are restored, desertification, water scarcity and livelihood loss will cause immense human suffering.

Forestation on degraded lands is not just good for the climate, it restores the whole ecosystem. From sustenance for bio-diversity to livelihoods for humans, forests – if managed sustainably - can be great sources of financial, social and environmental wealth.

Forests can also replace carbon intensive products and services – especially energy and materials – with carbon neutral ones. Bamboo and energy from biomass are two examples that have ready, captive markets and that don't need heavy capital expenditure to operationalise.

The challenge is to channel intentions, innovations and investments into nature based projects on degraded lands. This single intervention alone has the potential to neutralise 25% of global greenhouse gases. 

Forest Scene

Sustainable climate action through nature based interventions-  Challenges and opportunities

How we work


We bring together diverse stakeholders to create a self-propagating process that can capture carbon at scale while sustaining ecosystems and livelihoods.

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