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Carbon Negative is a carbon capture and ecosystem services enterprise innovating nature based solutions for sustainable development.

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“We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change...we are the last generation that can do something about it.”

– Jay Inslee


The clock is ticking.

Global economy - and especially intensive carbon emission sectors - must make a decisive U turn towards a zero carbon business model by 2030. Or the world faces grave ecological disasters of extreme climate, desertification and large human migrations and suffering.


Founded by Ramakrishna Ganesh, Naved Ahmad, Dr. Shivananda Koteshwar and Ravindra TC, Carbon Negative evolved from an idea into a serious venture, focused on making a sizeable impact on carbon capture while creating sustainable development opportunities for all stakeholders.

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How we work

The solutions we retrofit to capture carbon are technology and domain agnostic, combining and modifying nature's strengths to deliver the best impact. 


Research and domain expertise silo. Includes discovery and repository of new knowledge + training and dissemination


A multi disciplinary cluster of expertise combining diverse domains to create new working models for specific sectors.


Operations and execution division. Includes profit centres, data collection and impact reporting.


Outreach  and engagement with industry, government and stakeholders including local communities.

Why is our approach truly sustainable?

Nature based

Nature is the best healer. Earth's climate is in crisis because human activity has exceeded nature's capacity to heal. We need to regenerate natural ecosystems and leverage the scale only nature based solutions can provide.

Economically beneficial

In the end, every venture that succeeds depends on dollars and cents. We believe that our innovations to tackle climate change must provide livelihoods and sustenance - for every stakeholder and the communities we work with. 

Socially relevant

Sustainable development of communities demands going beyond livelihoods to creating a deeper social impact that can not only teach future generations how to live in harmony with nature but also help them achieve true prosperity.

Live Project

Our first project, '7 Trees For Life' is a holistic approach to offset large volumes of carbon while creating sustainable development opportunities for our stakeholders, partners and communities we work with. 

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Learnings from our journey

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