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Did you know that you need 7 trees to breathe?

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Why 7 trees?

It takes approximately 7 mature trees to make 740 kgs of oxygen that each person breathes in a year..

Everyone of us breathing needs those 7 trees to stay alive.

It is time to stop living on borrowed oxygen from trees grown by nature or planted by someone else.


It is time to act, to repay the debt, 7 trees at a time.

Our Programs

Gift your stakeholders their lung space for life

Restoring ecosystems

7 trees for each team member

Enterprises everywhere are now focusing on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives to make sustainability a key pillar of their culture. '7 Trees For Life' offers conscious corporate citizens a unique opportunity to create a lasting legacy for their brands and teams in a meaningful manner.

From planting 7 trees for each of their employees, gifting them a lifetime supply of oxygen, to sponsoring large ecosystem restoration projects, companies can make a valuable contribution to the only planet we have.



Let children make their bond with nature
Holding Plant

Raising 'Green Warriors'

7 trees for every child

The connections we make as children last us a lifetime.

The 'Green Warriors' program is designed to help children connect with nature, not just as spectators but as doers. From learning to plant a seed to nurturing it to grow into a tall tree, 
this program offers school children the opportunity to observe and interact with nature, so they make a lasting bond with it.




Every person you sponsor gets a physical and digital certificate that details the location of that person's 7 trees, date of planting and unique ID. The receivers of each 7 trees can track the progress of their oxygen factory for 3 years, till the trees are mature enough to take care of themselves.

Digital Badge

Each person you sponsor for 7 trees receives a personalised digital badge they can display on their social media pages, encouraging their friends and connections to join the '7 Trees For Life' movement. 


Every owner of 7 trees gets a physical plaque they can display at office or home. 

Sponsor Branding

Every sponsor of 700 trees or more gets their mini forest branded on-site. You also have visiting rights so you can participate in the planting with your team and go visit your trees later by prior appointment.

Sponsorship Benefits

We don't just plant trees. We restore ecosystems.

Download pilot case study
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Create an ecosystem

Regenerating a degraded landscape needs methodical planning and careful execution.


Nurture every living thing

It takes at least 3 years of intensive maintenance for an ecosystem to become self sustaining.


Ensure sustainability

Periodic health check of the ecosystem and robust, transparent reporting is critical for success.

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